Bus Routes and Schedule

The Department of Public Transportation bus system operates seven days a week with reduced service on Sundays and holidays. Bermuda bus routes are identified by number (1 – 11). The best way to make sure you get on the right bus is to simply check the route maps and charts provided below. Bus routes and times are provided, and subject to change, by DPT. We welcome your feedback on the schedule, please send your comments to info@dpt.bm.

Bus Schedule Effective April 2019

School Bus Schedule Effective September 2020

For Bus fare information

Route Destination Via
Route 1 Hamilton - Grotto Bay Tucker's Town, The Caves and Grotto Bay
Route 1 Hamilton - St. George's Tucker's Town, The Caves and Grotto Bay 
Route 2 Hamilton - Ord Road Botanical Gardens and Elbow Beach
Route 3 Hamilton - St. George’s Middle Road, Devil's Hole, The Caves and Swizzle Inn
Route 3 Hamilton - Grotto Bay Middle Road, Devil’s Hole and The Caves
Route 4 Hamilton - Spanish Point St. John's Road or North Shore Road
Route 5 Hamilton - Pond Hill Glebe Road
Route 6 St. George’s - St. David’s Clearwater Beach
Route 6 St. George’s - St. David’s Southside Gate 1 / Main Road
Route 7 Hamilton - Barnes Corner South Shore Beaches and Lighthouse
Route 7 Hamilton - Somerset/Dockyard South Shore Beaches, Lighthouse and Somerset
Route 8 Hamilton - Barnes Corner Middle Road and Waterlot Inn
Route 8 Hamilton - Dockyard Middle Road, Waterlot Inn and Clock Tower Mall
Route 8 Hamilton - Somerset Middle Road and Waterlot Inn
Route 8C Hamilton - Cedar Hill Middle Road, Paget
Route 9 Hamilton - Prospect National Sports Centre, Cedar Park and Palmetto Road (Circular Route)
Route 10 Hamilton - St. George’s Palmetto Road and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo
Route 11 Hamilton - St. George’s Blackwatch Pass and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

Popular Destinations by Bus

The table below lists many of the destinations that visitors ask about most frequently. Alongside each destination is the number of the route(s) serving that destination and the appropriate fare zone.

Destination Route Fare
Belmont Hills Golf Club  8 3 Zone
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo 10,11  3 Zone
Clock Tower Mall 7,8 14 Zone 
Bermuda Underwater 1,3,7,8 3 Zone
Botanical Gardens 1,2,7 3 Zone 
Crystal Caves of Bermuda 1,3,10,11 14 Zone 
Elbow Beach 2, 7 3 Zone 
Fairmont Southampton 7,8 3 Zone 
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 7 3 Zone 
Grotto Bay Beach Resort 1,3,10,11 14 Zone
Horseshoe Bay 7 3 Zone 
Hospital 1,2,7 3 Zone 
John Smith’s Bay 1 3 Zone 
L.F. Wade International Airport 1,3,10,11 14 Zone
Mangrove Bay (Somerset) 7,8 14 Zone
Royal Naval Dockyard 7,8 14 Zone
St. George’s 1,3,10,11 14 Zone
Tucker’s Town 1,3 14 Zone