• The  Department of Parks is advising that the Lifeguard Service will temporarily cease operations at Horseshoe Bay beach from Friday, 19 October through Monday, 22 October.  Lifeguard services will resume with normal operating hours, 10 am – 6 pm,  on Tuesday, 23 October.

Bus fares

People over the age of five are required to pay to use public transportation.  Bermuda senior citizens with a special person’s card are free as well as children under the age of five.

You can use tickets, tokens, day passes, or cash to pay for public transportation.

How much does it cost to ride the bus or ferry?

Type Adult Fare Child Fare (5-16)
Cash (exact change/coins only) 3.50 (3 Zone)

5.00 (14 Zone)

2.75 (All Zones)
Tokens 2.75 (3 Zone)

4.50 (14 Zone)

Tickets (Booklet of 15) $25.00 (3 Zone)

$37.50 (14 Zone)

9.50 (All Zones)
1 Day Pass (All Zones) 19.00 9.50
2 Day Pass (All Zones) 31.50 16.00
3 Day Pass (All Zones) 44.00 22.00
4 Day Pass (All Zones) 48.50 24.50
7 Day Pass (All Zones) 62.00 31.00
Monthly Pass (All Zones) 69.00 N/A
3 Month Pass (All Zones) 169.00 N/A

Adult Fares

Transportation Passes

  • Passes for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 7 consecutive days are available for unlimited, all zones travel on buses and ferries


  • Tokens are available for zones 3 and 14, and are honoured on buses and ferries

Tickets (not available at all locations)

  • Tickets for zones 3 and 14 are sold in booklets of 15 and are honoured on buses and ferries. The sale of individual tickets is strictly prohibited

Cash Fares

  • Exact change only
  • Journeys up to 3 zones cost $3.50
  • Longer journeys cost $5.00
  • Dollar bills are not accepted
  • Note: Drivers do not make change and are forbidden from receiving and depositing money into the farebox

Children Fares

  • Children under age 5 ride free
  • Cash fare for children, age 5 – 15 is $2.75


  • Student Tickets are sold in booklets of 15 (not available at all locations)

Transportation Passes

  • Passes for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 7 consecutive days are available for unlimited, all zones travel on buses and ferries

Senior Citizens Fare

  • Bermuda Senior Citizens must show their Special Person’s ID to qualify for the free ride
  • All other Senior Citizens pay normal fares


  • Transfers are free when travelling from one bus route to another as long as the transfer is made to the next scheduled trip on the connecting route
  • Transfers are generally not available between ferry routes except for journeys between Hamilton to St. George’s via Dockyard

Obtaining Tokens, Tickets and Passes

Hamilton Ferry Terminal & Hamilton Bus Terminal

  • Tokens, Tickets, Transportation Passes

Visitor Information Centres — Dockyard and St. George’s

  • Tokens and Transportation Passes

Post Offices (not all Post Offices)

  • Tickets and Adult Passes

Hotels and Guest Houses

  • Tokens and Transportation Passes (enquire with your hotel)

Learn more about bus zones and fare options