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The Government Refutes Assertions Made by the Fisherman’s Association of Bermuda  

The Ministry of Home Affairs wishes to share the following information, which mirrors that provided to the Association as recently as yesterday.

Government Clarifies the Board of Agriculture’s Purpose and Membership

To correct a recent statement made to the media by the Farmers Association, currently, the Board of Agriculture (the Board) has a maximum of twelve

August 2022 Consumer Price Index

Consumers paid 4.7 per cent more in August 2022 than they did a year ago for the basket of goods and services included in the Consumer Price Index

New Regulations for Garages to Address Public Complaints

“When the Garages Licensing Act 2022 came into force earlier this month (4 November), it represented a significant regulatory overhaul for public g

Update on Constitutional Reform

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to update this Honourable House on the project of Constitutional Reform for Bermuda.