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Crunch the numbers that define Bermuda. Find detailed statistics and reports on Bermuda’s economy, including quarterly reports on gross domestic product (GDP) and monthly updates on retail spending.

You can also check statistics for employment trends, tourism, technology, and other key sectors. Read social stats reports to find out how Bermuda’s population is changing and where the country is headed.

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  • This survey will take approximately five (5) minutes to complete. Public Survey start date – Monday March 19, 2018 and ends – Wednesday March 28, 2018.

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  • This Pre-budget Report (PBR) is a policy statement issued by the Government prior to the release of the budget.

  • The Government of Bermuda is responsible for the integrity, objectivity and fair presentation of the financial statements of the Consolidated Fund.

  • Retail Sales Index
  • Trends in the Bermuda job market are observed over time as part of the Employment Survey, which is mandatory for all employers. The survey records demographic and employment including age, race, occupation, income, and benefits.

  • Population statistics and other vital stats—like the numbers of births, deaths, marriages, and divorces—in Bermuda are published as part of the regular digest of statistics.

  • 1.       There are approximately currently 36,000 valuation units in Bermuda.

    2.       These valuation units are broken down into approximately:

  • There have been many reports produced on substance abuse within Bermuda. The following is a current list of recent reports and surveys that have been conducted. 

  • Population characteristics such as the size, structure and development of the overall population can be discovered by looking at vital statistics such as births, deaths and migration.

    The following are other PDF reports that provide statistics about Bermuda’s population.

  • Updated figures on Bermuda’s gross domestic product (GDP) are available every quarter, with reports issued quarterly and yearly.

    Quarterly gross domestic product

    These reports list GDP by quarter for 2017.

  • Conducted by the Business Division of the Department of Statistics, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a statistical tool used for measuring changes in the general level of prices of consumer goods and services purchased by private households.

  • The Bermuda Census provides a snapshot of the demographic profile of Bermuda’s people and its economy at a particular point in time. It counts the number of people living in each area of a country and measures important characteristics about its society.