Bermuda economic statistics

Updated figures on Bermuda’s gross domestic product (GDP) are available every quarter, with reports issued quarterly and yearly.

Quarterly gross domestic product

These reports list GDP by quarter for 2017.

These reports list GDP by quarter for 2016.

These reports list GDP by quarter for 2015.

Annual Gross Domestic Product

These reports list Annual GDP from 2011 - 2016.


Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics (QBS)

Compiled by the Economics Division of the Department of statistics, the Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics (QBS) is a summary report and contains some of the quarterly data collected by the Department.  Statistics included in this report are imports to Bermuda, overseas declarations by Bermuda’s residents, and employment income (by industry) as well as a variety of tourism related statistics including visitor arrivals and expenditure, hotel employment and hotel gross receipts.

Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics 2017

Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics 2016

Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics 2015

Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics 2014


Retail sales index

The Retail Sales Index (RSI) is produced by the Economic Division of the Department of Statistics and is a key economic indicator used to assess the current performance of sales activity in the retail sector.  The RSI measures goods sold by retailers based on a sampling of retail stores.  The RSI is considered a self-weighting index, as stores reporting a large value of sales have a greater impact on the movement of the index than stores reporting a low level of sales activity.

Retail sales index reports are released each month. Click here

Tourism statistics

Bermuda’s tourism sector provides hundreds of millions of dollars in government revenue. Tourism statistics are released each year as a “Tourism Satellite Account.”

Information and communications technology statistics

The information and communications technology (ICT) sector contributed over $200 million to Bermuda’s GDP in 2014. These figures are updated and released yearly.

Balance of payments and international investment position

Bermuda’s Department of Statistics constantly compares the economic transactions between Bermuda and the rest of the world, examining:

  • transactions in exports and imports of goods, services, and personal transfers
  • transitions in financial capital and financial transfers

This report, called the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, is updated each quarter.





Household expenditure

Income data and household spending are also surveyed in Bermuda to reveal trends in how Bermudians spend their money. This survey and its subsequent report are released periodically, with the most recent in 2013. 

2013 Household Expenditure Report