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Premier delivers Keynote Address on Island Innovation

Another busy day for the Premier and Minister of Finance, the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP, who spoke at the Island Innovation and Climate Action Summit’s Island of Hope at COP28 …

Update and Reminders for All Work Permit Applications

The Department of Immigration (DOI) is pleased to advise employers and work permit holders that following the cyber-attack on September 20, 2023, the backlog of work permit…

Oil Spill

Oil Spill Course – Shoreline Cleanup & Assessment Technique

The Pollution Control Section of the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) recently hosted a course for the Bermuda Government, KBB, and colleagues from four UK…

Evolve Bermuda

Second Round of Public Consultation on Zero Emission Vehicles: EVolve Bermuda

The Ministry of Transport initiated its (ZEV) consultation process in February 2023, garnering positive and valuable insights from stakeholders. Encouraged by the constructive…

 Recruit Corrections Officers

Minister Weeks Observes Crucial Training for Recruit Corrections Officers

“Training that prioritises safety equips our officers to handle challenges effectively in their critical roles,” stated Minister of National Security Michael Weeks, following his…

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