• The Bermuda Post Office (BPO) wishes to advise the public that all sub post offices will be closed between 8am and 10am on Tuesday morning (24th January 2017) due to a staff meeting. The General Post Office, which is located on Church Street in Hamilton, will not be affected and that location will open for business at 8am as usual.


  • Members of the public are invited to submit requests to rezone property or amend policies in the Bermuda Plan 2008. Requests should be submitted on a Rezoning Request form and emailed to or submitted by hand to the Department of Planning, 5th Floor, Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building, 58 Court Street no later than Friday, 31March 2017.

Government boards and committees

Boards and committees are made up of members of the general public and government employees.  These members are appointed by Ministers or, in some cases, by the Governor. 

Boards and committees were created to provide guidance and advice, and to help develop policies which may lead to changes in the law.  These changes can improve the services and programmes offered by the Government of Bermuda. 

Tell us if you are interested in being on a board or committee.

Current boards and committees

2016 Government board and committee members.

Join a Government Board or Committee

Tell us if you are interested in serving on either a board or committee for the Government of Bermuda.  Board and committee selections are made every year in January.

How do I get selected to be on a board or committee?

Once you submit the form to let us know you are interested, you will receive an email to tell you that your request has been received.  Your information will be kept on file.  Only a Government Minister can select you for a board or committee.  If you are selected, you will be told to complete a nomination form.

What boards and committees are there?

Review the list of 2016 Government boards and committees. Tell us which ones you are interested in and why you would like to be a member when you fill out the form. If you have been on a board or committee before, you can provide those details as well.

Tell us you want to join a board or committee: HTML form better for online or the PDF formbetter used for printing, filling in and submitting using Adobe Reader or Acrobat.