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Bermuda is small and easy to get around, with public transportation linking the island together.

Find bus schedules to help make getting around even easier. Register your car, truck, boat, or airplane, or learn how to get a vehicle licence in Bermuda.

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  • Effective September 2018

    All students receive a student transportation pass from their school in order to ride free on buses and ferries. Please show the bus operator or ferry attendant your pass when boarding a bus or ferry.

  • The Department of Public Transportation bus system operates seven days a week with reduced service on Sundays and holidays. Bermuda bus routes are identified by number (1 – 11). The best way to make sure you get on the right bus is to simply check the route maps and charts provided below.

  • You can visit the main Transport Control Department (TCD) location and request a Sunday permit, or a permit to move an unlicensed vehicle. You will need to explain your situation, pay a small fee (see table below) and show valid insurance.  Your information will be recorded by TCD.

  • To dispose of your old car, you can do one of the following:

  • There are three steps to get a driver’s licence in Bermuda:

  • You must be the first owner and have owned the vehicle for not more than six months prior to the date of the shipment to Bermuda. Vehicles which have had more than one owner cannot be imported into Bermuda. This includes demonstration models (demos), which are considered used.

  • The Motorcycle Riding Test is designed to test your ability to control the cycle under many different circumstances including: 

  • If you want to sell your car, you will need to provide the new owner with the following:

  • If your vehicle is equipped with seat belts, the seat belts or child safety seats must be used as required.

    If your vehicle is not equipped with seat belts, neither seat belts nor child safety seats are required. In addition, you do not have to have seat belts fitted to your vehicle.

  • The following is a list of the bus routes in Bermuda.  Please select one of the links below to see the route schedule.

    Route 1: Hamilton - Grotto Bay

  • If you have left an item on the bus, you can contact the Department of Public Transportation by telephone or visit them in person.  You will need to provide the following information:

  • Bermuda Bus service is divided in 14 zones.

  • People over the age of five are required to pay to use public transportation.  Bermuda senior citizens with a special person’s card are free as well as children under the age of five.

    You can use tickets, tokens, day passes, or cash to pay for public transportation.

  • In order for you to reduce the likelihood of being dissatisfied with a purchase, consider the following tips before buying a car or bike:

  • Before purchasing any used car or bike you should make sure the car or bike has a clear title. 

    A clear title means:

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