Disposing of a vehicle

To dispose of your old car, you can do one of the following:

  • Sell it as a second hand car
  • Export it from Bermuda
  • Have the car written-off
  • Sell the car for use as a driver instructional vehicle or a motor taxi class

How do I get my old car written-off?

You can take your old car to a car dealer or registered garage or to the Airport dump. The dealer or garage owner will inform the Transport Control Department (TCD), who will send an examiner to confirm that the car is a write-off and issue a write-off certificate.

Can I remove parts from the car once it has been written-off?

Yes, the car may be kept on the dealer’s or garage’s premises, for spare parts, for up to one month. At the dump the car will be crushed within a day. If you want parts, you will have to strip the car before taking it to the dump.

Can I change my mind and sell the car after it has been written-off?

No, once your car has been certified by TCD as a write-off, it cannot be registered and licensed for use on the road. Once your car has been written-off you cannot sell it. The car has to be taken to the Airport dump to be crushed.

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