Selling your car

If you want to sell your car, you will need to provide the new owner with the following:

  • the transfer test certificate;
  • a bill of sale;
  • the old licence.

How do I get a transfer test certificate?

Before the car goes to the Transport Control Department (TCD) for its transfer test, make sure:

  • the car looks presentable and everything works;
  • the car is still insured;
  • the sale can be completed within one month of having the car transfer tested;
  • you have an appointment with TCD to have the car transfer tested.

The buyer is responsible for the transfer registration fee which includes the cost of the transfer test.

If you are keeping your license plate number for your new car, the old car can be transfer tested without its number plates.

At the time of the transfer test, you should give the examiner:

  • the bill of sale;
  • the certificate of insurance;
  • the car licence (if the car is being sold without licence plates).

When the car passes the transfer test, the examiner will give you:

  • a transfer test certificate valid for one month from the date the car was examined;
  • your bill of sale;
  • your certificate of insurance.

You should complete the sale before the car’s transfer test certificate expires one month after the car has passed its test

Can I buy a new car right after I have sold my old one?

Yes, but only after the buyer of your old car has registered it in their name. Make sure that the buyer has your old car transfer registered quickly by:

  • having the car transfer tested before you hand it over to the buyer;
  • arranging to meet the buyer at TCD to get the car transfer registered.

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