One Year Residential Certificate

Bermuda welcomes persons who satisfy the requirements set out below to reside in Bermuda pursuant to section 32 of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956 (“BIPA”). Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be granted a One Year Residential Certificate (the “1Yr Certificate”). The 1Yr Certificate entitles the person to reside in Bermuda and to work remotely. However the holder is prohibited from seeking or obtaining gainful employment in Bermuda within the tenure of his/her 1Yr Certificate. Each application will be considered on its own merits. Persons should seek tax advice to fully understand the implications for their home country of residing in Bermuda. 

Eligibility requirements 

 The 1Yr Certificate is for persons who are able to Work Remotely from Bermuda and to Non-Bermudian Post-Secondary Students to enable them to complete their higher education from Bermuda. 

 To be eligible for a 1Yr Certificate a person must: 

  1.  pay the application fee; 
  2. be at least eighteen (18) years of age; 
  3. not have been convicted, whether in Bermuda or elsewhere, of an offence which, in the Minister’s opinion, shows moral turpitude on the applicant’s part; 
  4. not have been convicted, whether in Bermuda or elsewhere, of an indictable offence in Bermuda or have been convicted of an offence outside Bermuda which if committed in Bermuda, would have been an indictable offence; 
  5. possess valid health insurance coverage or purchase locally provided health insurance coverage; 
  6. demonstrate employment with a firm or their own company registered and operating overseas, in the case of a remote worker; or 
  7. provide evidence of enrollment in a Research, Undergraduate, Graduate or Doctorate Program, in the case of a Student; 
  8. have means and/or have a continuous source of, annual disposable income, which will enable an individual to sustain his or her household and lifestyle in Bermuda and overseas without the need to engage in gainful occupation in Bermuda pursuant to section 57 of BIPA. 

You need the following to complete the application form:

  1. proof of employment or evidence of school enrolment;
  2. color scan of your passport photo page;
  3. color scan of visa information;
  4. all supporting documentation should also be in English, where practical

Application Process 

The process is as follows: 

Step 1: The applicant for the 1Yr Certificate must complete an online application form and submit it with supporting documentation to the attention of the Chief Immigration Officer, in the Department of Immigration (the “Department”). The required information and documentation is included with the application form. 

Step 2: The Department will process the completed application. 

Step 3: The Department will advise if the applicant has been successful and issues a 1yr Certificate within ten (10) business days of receipt. 

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Application & Fees 

The 1Yr Certificate application fee amount can be found on the fee schedule on the Department of Immigration website at: 

  • As of 1st April 2023, the application fee is $275
  • This Policy was made effective as at 1st August 2020 by order of the Minister of Labour. 
  • This Policy is subject to review and amendment. 


Having a 1Yr Residential Certificate does not entitle a person to renewal of that Certificate. In order to obtain a subsequent 1Yr Certificate, a new application is required.