Coronavirus (COVID-19) Work Place Guidance

Updated January 20, 2022

There is no curfew in effect and the below guidance must be followed.

COVID-19 has bought about unprecedented changes to communities around the world and Bermuda has not been excluded. In light of these changes, business owners and managers have several questions on what business operations should look like in the post COVID-19 environment. In addition to preserving business operations to ensure economic viability, the protection of employee health and safety is paramount. Legal obligations under Bermuda’s Occupational Safety & Health legislation require this of every employer.

In light of this, the following recommendations are provided to assist employers in establishing workplace protocols to protect employee health and safety when returning to work after COVID-19.

Guidance for All Workplaces

Click here to review COVID-19 guidance for all workplaces.

Workplace Quarantine for Immunised Workers

Click here to review the workplace quarantine guidance for immunised workers.

Safe Return to Work after Travel Guidance

The Ministry of Health advises against non-essential travel off the island for all Bermuda residents. The guidance is the minimum required for workplaces, but more stringent policies may be implemented based on the workplace’s risk assessment. 

For workers with children, they should also consult the Return to School and Day Care after Travel Guidance.

Infection Prevention and Control Training

This online training covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19 and similar type diseases. Training should be provided for all employees and management on Infection Prevention & Control. As a result the Department of Health, has produced the following training course.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidance for Workplaces

The information below includes helpful flyers that can be printed and used in your employment setting for education and awareness. Please click on the link and the flyers will open in a new page for printing.

Additional guidance and directions are provided below:

Food Service, Bars and Nightclubs 

Gyms, Exercise Facilities, Health Clubs, and Dance Studios

Housing and Tourist Accommodations

Occupational Safety and Health

Retail and Personal Services


Public Venues


  • *This section will be updated as soon as possible.

WeHealth Bermuda App

The Bermuda Government launched the WeHealth Bermuda app in an effort to closely monitor the local developments of COVID-19 and ultimately help control the spread of the virus. WeHealth Bermuda is a new smartphone application that provides anonymous COVID-19 exposure notifications, and it is one of the world's most sophisticated apps of its kind.

All Bermudians and visitors to the island are strongly encouraged to download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play. It will run on iPhone models 6S and above with iOS version 13.7 installed. Android users can use the app if their phone supports Bluetooth Low Energy and Android Version 6 (API 23) or above.

Learn more about WeHealth here