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Bermuda’s property market is carefully regulated. Find out how to register your property with the government or how much your land is worth.

Learn how the Government of Bermuda keeps track of land ownership and find important information about your rights as a tenant or landlord in Bermuda, including key details on rent control.

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  • The Rent Increases (Domestic Premises) Control Act 1978 provides tenants with security of tenure.

  • The Rent Increases (Domestic Premises) Control Act 1978 currently applies to a tenancy of any residential unit with an annual rental value of $22,800 or less.

  • The Consumer Affairs Rental Unit serves as a source of information, guidance, direct intervention, and referral for landlords, tenants, and the general public who may have concerns and issues relevant to landlord and tenant matters.

  • To:  All Real Estate Brokers and Agents

    The Superintendent of Real Estate hereby advises that existing real estate broker and agent licenses will expire on 30 November 2017. The receipt of real estate license applications will commence on 14 November 2017.

  • The Department of Energy is inviting public commentary on their consultation document - The National F

  • Getting Started

    All original deeds and documents must be submitted and lodged complete with the application for first time registrants. 

  • Getting Started

    Requests for official copies can be made to the Land Title Registry Office in-person.

    What copies can I order

    You may wish to obtain copies of the following:

  • Payment by cheque or card

    Payments by cheque or card can be completed at the Land Title Registry Office (LTRO).  

  • Getting Started

    Property or land in Bermuda is owned in a number of ways. This can be as a sole proprietor, joint owners, tenants in common or in some cases trusts.

  • Land Title Registration

    Land Title Registration is an administrative process that records land and property ownership, rights and interests maintained in a database called the register. 

  • Deeds registry form services

    Search/Inspection/Examination/Copy of Register or Index

    (LTRA 2017, 33A s1)


  • Types of Searches

    There are several types of public searches that can be conducted at the Deeds Registry.   The most common searches identify the owner(s) or previous owner(s) of an existing property.  This can be done by:

  • Who We Are

    The Deeds Registry is a division of the Land Title Registry Office (LTRO).  

  • The roof of my house blew off following a hurricane and I have had to move out. Do I still have to pay Land Tax? 
  • Who do I complain to if I believe that I have been unfairly treated by the Land Valuation Department? 
  • How do I get the taxpayer's name or taxpayer's billing address changed? 
  • What is the Department's procedure on site visits? 
  • When can I object to my ARV if I am unhappy? There are three opportunities when you can make an objection to your ARV: The Draft Valuation List (six months following deposit of the draft valuation list);
  • Who determines the rate of land tax? 
  • I am the managing agent for a commercial building and have a new tenant renting part of the building on a new 5 year lease. What should I do in regards to getting the building reassessed for land tax purposes? 
  • How do I get a separate assessment number for my apartment? 
  • Every five years, the Department of Land Valuation determines the value of every property in Bermuda. That valuation is a snapshot of the rental market. Currently, valuation lists in Bermuda reflect the value as of 1 July, 2014. The next valuation will take place in 2020.

  • I built a garage and a covered verandah in 1998 and never requested a Certificate of Completion and Occupancy and so my ARV has never been revised. What will happen when this comes to the attention of the Land Valuation Department? 
  • How do I obtain a new address for my property or change my existing address? 
  • Land Valuation and Tax Act 1967
  • Careers in the Land Valuation Department

  • Timeline for a Revaluation
  • Maintaining the Valuation List Island Wide Revaluations The Department
  • The Ministry of Public Works, Waste Management Section, is advising the public that it is working until 6pm today to collect waste in the east end. Should your household waste not be collected by 6pm today, please secure it for the duration of the storm.

  • Land Tax for the period 1 July through 31 December 2016 is due as follows: SECTION A SECTION B SECTION C Public Utilities
  • Recreational users of small unmanned aircraft, sometimes called UAVs or drones, are advised by The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) to pay more attention to safety issues.

  • On July 11, 1996, the Waste Management Section of the Ministry of Works and Engineering was charged with the administration of all activities relating to the receiving of waste asbestos. The following policy is currently in effect:

  • On 29 June 29 2016 stakeholders from the Energy Industry participated in the Government of Bermuda’s Second Annual Energy Summit titled, Powering Our Success.

    The Summit was opened by the Minister of Economic Development, Dr. the Hon. E. Grant Gibbons, JP, MP.

  • The National Hurricane Center provides storm specific forecasts, including track and intensity guidance.

  • Growing your own vegetables? The growing season is determined by the time of year and what will grow best in Bermuda's climate and soil. This list provides the time of year best for various vegetables. Use the chart below to help plan your garden:

  • As of December 2015, the new 2015 Draft Valuation List.pdf of the assessed annual rental values of all p

  • There are three opportunities when you can make an objection to your annual rental value:

  • Annual Rental Value (ARV)
  • All property in Bermuda is revalued every five years by the Land Valuation Department. The revaluation process establishes annual rental values at a point in time, which are used to determine property taxes.

  • The boundaries of your land are determined by local surveyors. The Land Title Registry Office (LTRO) keeps a record of your property’s boundaries, but doesn’t determine them.

  • 1.       There are approximately currently 36,000 valuation units in Bermuda.

    2.       These valuation units are broken down into approximately:

  • The Water and Sewage Section provides water and sewerage services throughout Bermuda. The current government water supply system produces approximately 200 million gallons of water each year.

    Below is a list of the Government of Bermuda rates for piped and trucked water.

  • Changes in garbage collection schedule. 

    The Ministry of Public Works advised of once per week garbage collection. Note: once a week garbage collection will continue through to June 29th 2018.

    Garbage collection will occur as follows:

  • Landlords may increase a tenant’s rent if the premises are under rent control if:

  • If your residential rental unit falls under rent control, your landlord cannot evict you without a valid reason. A landlord cannot forcibly remove a tenant unless they get a possession order from the Magistrates' Court.