Asbestos receiving policy

On July 11, 1996, the Waste Management Section of the Ministry of Works and Engineering was charged with the administration of all activities relating to the receiving of waste asbestos. The following policy is currently in effect:

  • All Asbestos Abatement Contractors must give at least 3 working days notice of intent to dispose of asbestos waste at the Bailey’s Bay Government Quarry. Your asbestos abatement permit number (if applicable), issued by The Department of Health, will be requested by the receiving officer when you deliver your materials to the Quarry.
  • Appointments for asbestos waste disposal are to be made by contacting Clarkston Trott, Waste Management Officer at (441) 278-0563 or (441) 501-3026, or the Special Waste Forman at (441) 501-3025.

(Note: No asbestos is to be brought to the Government Quarry without prior permission of the Waste Management Officer.)

  • Asbestos Abatement Contractors will be responsible for the lifting and placement of containers at a designated location at the Government Disposal/Storage site, i.e. Contractors must supply crane or appropriate forklift.
  • Sea container and truck loads of asbestos will be weighed at the Tynes Bay Facility and the materials and weigh tickets then brought to the quarry and presented to the receiving officer. Generators of truck loads of asbestos will be responsible for placing the waste materials into designated ocean containers.
  • Smaller loads, up to 500lbs in weight, can be weighed on site at the Government Quarry.
  • All asbestos waste must be received double wrapped in 6 mil polyethylene, labeled “DANGER Contains Asbestos Fibers” and packaged in quantities which can be lifted manually. Additional labeling showing the following information is also required attached to the outside of each bundle of wrapped asbestos waste:
    1. Name, address and telephone number of the waste generator;
    2. Name, address and telephone number of the abatement contractor.
  • The following information regarding the asbestos waste shall also be presented to the receiving officer at the government quarry:
    1. Name, address and telephone number of the waste generator;
    2. Name, address and telephone number of the abatement contractor;
    3. The quantity, total weight and description(s) of the wrapped asbestos containing materials;
  • Current charges for asbestos disposal are: BD$6,000.00 for ocean container loads (max. weight 15 tons), or BD$0.60 per lb for loose loads.
  • Contractors will now be invoiced for the asbestos disposal at the Government Quarry by the receiving officer. Payment should be made within 30 days of the invoice date at the Ministry of Public Works Head Office, 3rd floor, General Post Office Building, Hamilton.
  • Contractors who fail to make payment on current accounts after 30 days will face penalties which may include revocation of their abatement permits.
  • Handling of all types of asbestos must comply with the Department of Health’s asbestos removal policy.