Bermuda water and sewage

The Water and Sewage Section provides water and sewerage services throughout Bermuda. The current government water supply system produces approximately 200 million gallons of water each year.

Below is a list of the Government of Bermuda Tariffs for Piped and water trucker outlet supply services after 1 April 2023..

Piped Water Fees



Volumetric consumption

$29/ 1000 Imperial Gallons

Monthly Maintenance


Water service  re-connection


Water connection installation charge - adding meter to existing Chamber (per connection)


Water connection installation charge - single same side service (per connection)


Water connection installation charge - single road crossing service (per connection)


Connecting to existing meter line (administration fee)


Water Trucker Outlet Fees

Type of supply

Standing charge per month



$50  ( charged levied per site)

$25/ 1000 Imperial Gallons



$25 / 1000 Imperial Gallons

If a service has been terminated for any reason following a prolonged disconnection, the reconnection charge is $200.
No reconnection of any service will be made unless all outstanding debts have been settled and the appropriate charges and deposit paid.

Below are the Bermuda Government tariffs for receiving septage and liquid waste after 1 April 2023.

Septage Disposal Fees

The Tynes Bay Septage Facility is located on the east side of the Tynes Bay Waste-to-Energy Facility and receives septage from Cess pits, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants on the island.

Rate per ton

Rate per 1000 imperial Gallons



Tips for keep your drinking water clean

Your roof catchment system is your main source for clean drinking water. To maintain your home drinking water quality:

  • Keep your roof clean and painted;
  • Before cleaning, block the drain pipes so that nothing enters the tank;
  • Check your tank levels regularly, at least once a month;
  • Clean your tank at least once every five years;
  • Trim overhanging trees to prevent leaves from falling onto your roof and entering your tank;
  • Disinfect water using 1/4 cup of household bleach to every 1000 gallons of water. To determine the capacity of your tank, in gallons, multiply the tank length x tank width x tank depth x 6.25; and
  • When purchasing water, remember only buy enough to take your tank to about half, always leave enough space for rainwater collection