Vacation Rentals Fact Sheet and Forms

Steps to apply for a Vacation Rental Certificate:

  1. Complete the



  2. Email the completed form to

  3. Your application will be reviewed if your unit meets the standard requirements, your Vacation Rental Certificate will be issued withing 21 days.

Please note that ALL registered units will not require inspection, the Ministry reserves the right to inspect as needed. 

If Your Property Falls Under Rent-control

Steps to apply for a Vacation Rental (rent-control) Certificate:

  1. Download the 

     on legal size paper. Or pick up a hard copy of the application form from the Department of Consumer Affairs located at 75 Reid Street, Hamilton in the D.Rego Building on the 3rd floor.

  2. Once you’ve filled out the application form and read the Ministry of Health’s Phase 4 COVID-19 Guidance for Tourist Accommodations in Bermuda you can email it back to Consumer Affairs at or hand in a hard copy at the Department of Consumer Affairs. You understand that these guidelines must be followed and that failure to do so could result in the closure of your vacation rental unit by the Ministry of Health.

  3. The Ministry will review your application and issue a Vacation Rental (rent-control) Certificate within 21 days, providing your unit meets the standard requirements. Not all units registered will be inspected. However, the Ministry reserves the right to inspect as needed.


  1. What is the registration deadline? Current Vacation Rental Properties (not under rent control) will have until August 31st, 2023 to register their properties with the appropriate Ministers. New vacation rentals will be able to apply on a rolling basis throughout the year as they arise.

  2. How do I know if my property falls under rent-control?
    If the property’s ARV (annual rental value) is $22,800 or less, the property falls under Rent Control. You can find out your ARV by going on the Land Valuation web site and entering the address of the property or the assessment number.

    If your property falls under rent-control you will need to fill out the Consumer Affairs application form to be granted permission from the Minister responsible for rent- control to operate as a Vacation Rental Unit.

  3. How do I remit the 4.5% Vacation Rental Fee to the Bermuda Tourism Authority?
    The Vacation Rental Fee must be collected and remitted by the Property Owner or the Property Manager/ Agent unless it is directly remitted to the BTA via the platform the
    unit is listed on. Currently only Airbnb is able to directly remit the Vacation Rental Fee to the BTA.

    Properties not registered on Airbnb will be responsible for collecting the 4.5% fee from the guest at the time payment is made and remitting the fee to the BTA on a monthly basis. Payments can be made to the BTA online or in person with a credit/debit card at their offices located at 22 Church Street, Hamilton Penthouse Level (Great Sound).

  4. When will I need to start collecting the Vacation Rental Fee from guests?
    The BTA requires the fee to be collected on new bookings made from November 1st 2018 onwards. Therefore, any bookings made before November 1st 2018 will not be subject to the 4.5% fee regardless of when the actual visit occurs.

  5. How long does my certificate last?
    Once approved by the Minister, you will be granted a Vacation Rental Certificate valid for one (1) year.