Applying for an Annual Liquor Licence

The form of notices of application, licences and permits for the purposes of the Liquor Licence Act 1974 shall be as set out in the Schedule to these Regulations, or as near thereto as the circumstances admit.

Requirements to apply for a licence

  1. Application for Annual Renewal Session must be submitted by March 14th.
  2. Submissions must be made online via the Portal.
  3. Plans, certificates, etc., pertaining to this application should be attached to the online application in the designated fields of the online application form.
  4. Payment can be made online, via the Portal, or in person at the Court Cashier. If you pay in person, a copy of your receipt must be sent to the Liquor Licence Clerk.

When applying on December 1st and thereafter - fees are half price (does not apply to renewals).

Approved licences can be printed directly from the online Portal. The collection of physical certificates is no longer necessary.