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Information for Policyholders (Updated 02/03/2023)

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The Health Insurance Department is accepting walk-in customers for cash premium payments and new enrolment applications.

Operating hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

For questions regarding policies and claims, please contact us using the following channels:


Information for Policyholders

The preferred ways to reach us are:

  1. General Inquires via email - hip@gov.bm
  2. Submit Claims via email- hidclaims@gov.bm
  3. Phone 441-295-9210 please follow the prompts
Please Note:
  • Premium payments can be made through HSBC/BNTB online banking or direct debit.
  • Policy applications and direct debit forms can be downloaded from the Resources section on this page.
  • Premium payments can also be made over the phone with your debit/credit card, between 9:00am - 4:30pm.

Information for Providers

The preferred ways to reach us are:

  1. General Inquiries via email - hidproviders@gov.bm
  2. Submit Claims via email -  hidclaims@gov.bm
  3. Phone 441-295-9210 please follow the prompt
Please note:
  • The department is able to receive claims through the hidclaims@gov.bm email box
  • Claims processing is occurring in accordance with normal turnaround times

Telemedicine Coverage:

  • HID will pay the regular reimbursement rates, per policy type and benefits, for the office visit or service regardless if it was done in the office or via telehealth.

  • HID offers two health insurance plans, FutureCare and the Health Insurance Plan (HIP). Both are open to individuals and groups. 
  • Group plans are available for employers.  All employers are required to provide health insurance coverage for their employees and their employees’ non-employed spouses under the Health Insurance Act 1970. For more information about an employers’ health insurance responsibilities visit: Employers’ compliance with the Health Insurance Act 1970.
  • HID also enrolls persons 65 and older who are eligible for a Government subsidy to assist in paying for the cost of health services primarily provided in the hospital.  Those who are eligible will receive a Certificate of Entitlement (COE), which is granted based on status and how long you have been living in Bermuda before the date of application. Visit the Certificate of Entitlement* page for more information.
  • The plans offered by HID are:

    Plans Eligibility Premiums
    Under 65 or those over 65 eligible for COE* Over 65 not eligible for COE*
    Health Insurance Plan (HIP) For those 18 years and over. $459.24 $1,239.60
    For persons between 0-18 years old or up to 21 years old if registered full time at a local educational facility. $220 N/A
    Future Care For 65 years of age or older. $530.14 $1,528.48


*See Certificate of Entitlement page  

  • Both HIP and FutureCare offer dental benefits, doctor’s visits, in-patient and out-patient care at the hospital, and overseas care. Who qualifies for which plans and the exact benefits can be found in the HIP & FutureCare Guide.
  • The HIP and FutureCare Guide and a benefits comparison table are available on the HIP and FutureCare Benefits page.
  • If you are a healthcare provider seeking reimbursement from HID for claims, find out how to register and submit claims on the HID Provider page.
  • In addition to the above plans, HID is responsible for managing the Mutual Reinsurance Fund, to which all insured people in Bermuda contribute, and processing the Government’s subsidy claims. These programmes support HID’s affordable health insurance plans.
  • The Department does not manage Government Employees Health Insurance (GEHI). HID’s services are only for residents of Bermuda who are not employees of the Government of Bermuda.
How can I contact the Health Insurance Department with general inquiries about their services, plans and benefits they offer?

Telephone: (441) 295-9210

Email:  hip@gov.bm
By mail:

P.O. Box HM 2160
Hamilton HM CX

In person:

2nd Floor, Sofia House
48 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12

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