• The Ministry of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities has implemented the 10 knot speed limit to reduce excessive speed in the confines of the Hamilton Harbour which will go into effect Friday, 19 May, 2017.


  • The Department of Parks advises that camping registration will open on 8 May for the 15 May - 30 September camping season. Permits can be collected at the Department of Parks, Ground Floor, Global House, 43 Church Street. Camping rate: $14 per night.

Health Insurance

The Health Insurance Department (HID) provides affordable health coverage for residents of Bermuda to assist with access to healthcare.

HID offers three health insurance plans that are open to individuals or groups. Group plans are provided for employers who must provide health insurance for their employees and the employees’ non-employed spouses under the Health Insurance Act 1970.

For more information about an employers’ health insurance responsibilities visit: Employers compliance with the Health Insurance Act 1970.

These plans are:



Health Insurance Plan Youth (HIP Youth)

Persons between 0–18 years old OR up to 21 years old if registered in a local educational facility.

Premium is $190

Health Insurance Plan (HIP)

For those 18 years and over.

Premium is $433.31


For 65 years and older.

Premium is $504.21 with a Certificate of Entitlement (see below)

Enrollment into the plans is a simple process which requires an applicant to complete the appropriate form (see the table below for more information). You can register at any time.

Acceptance into one of the appropriate plans will not be denied. Below are the forms for enrollment:


Who should complete:

Group Application Form


Enrollment Form (Voluntary)

Persons over the school leaving age who are not working but are seeking health insurance   

Enrollment Form (Compulsory).pdf

Self-employed persons over school-leaving age

Youth Enrollment Form

Youth dependents from 0–18 years old or up to 21 if enrolled full-time in a local educational facility

Must be dependents of a person newly enrolling or recently terminated from another insurer.  

FutureCare Enrollment Form

Persons over the age of 65


Certificate of Entitlement (COE)

Persons over the age of 65 who have lived on island in the 10 consecutive years within the last 20 years prior to their 65th birthday.

Must be completed to apply for the Government’s aged subsidy.


For any questions on enrollment in these plans, please contact a customer service representative on 295-9210 who would be happy to assist.

The Health Insurance Department is also responsible for managing the Mutual Reinsurance Fund and the Government’s subsidies. These programmes support the affordable health insurance plans.

The department does not manage Government Employees Health Insurance (GEHI). The Health Insurance Department’s services are only for residents of Bermuda who are not employees of the Government of Bermuda.

Who should I contact about dental or overseas claims queries?

For dental claim queries please contact Argus at 298-0888.

For overseas claims queries please call 441-278-9870 for our overseas providers GMMI.


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