Health Insurance Department Provider Information

Provider Registration

Personal Home Care Providers should visit the Personal Home Care Benefit page for information on their registration process.

All other providers, please see below:

Healthcare Providers need to register with the Health Insurance Department (HID) in order to be reimbursed. To register with the Health Insurance Department (HID), you must complete the Registration Form (Coming Soon) and  the Electronic Payment Agreement Form.

Submit the form to HID and a Welcome Kit will be sent to you.

Policy Verification

Providers registered with HID can verify the policy eligibility of HIP and FutureCare clients through the HID LIN portal.  If you are interested, please email to obtain registration details for this service.

Claims Submission

Providers must submit claims within 30 days of the date service. Claim submissions not received within 12 months of the date of service will be denied by HID, and cannot be billed to the policyholder as per the Health Insurance (Health Service Providers and Insurers) (Claims) Regulations 2012 (Claims Regulations).

A clean claim requires the elements* described in Schedule 1 of Claims Regulation. The 15 elements of a clean claim include:

Name of patient

Name of any referring provider

Date of birth of the patient

Health policy number

Name of insured person

Certificate number

Relationship of the patient with the insured person (i.e. self, spouse, child)

Relevant current diagnostic and procedural code

Address and telephone number of insured person

Total fee amount charged 

Whether insured person is employed or self-employed

Whether the claim is a maternity claim, or the result of a road traffic accident, or a work-related injury

Name of insured person’s employer

Place of service

Date of the procedure



It is preferable and more efficient to submit claims to HID electronically. Claims can be submitted electronically by:

  1. Email:
  2. Or by Electronic Data Interchange transfer (EDI). If you are interested in sending claims via electronic data transfer, please email to receive information about what is required to submit claims via EDI.

You can also submit the claims on paper by mail or in person:

By mail:

P.O. Box HM 2160
Hamilton HM CX2.

In person:

2nd Floor, Sofia House
48 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12

Claim Reimbursement

HID, as per the Claims Regulations, has thirty (30) days from the receipt date to adjudicate and make payment to the Provider for “clean” claims. 

Providers will receive payments electronically to the bank account submitted in the Electronic Payment Agreement. An Explanation of Payment Statement will be mailed with details of the claim reimbursement to the provider and an Explanation of Benefit Statement to the HID Policyholders.