The Ministry of Health is the caretaker of the island’s health system. The Ministry’s vision is for an equitable and sustainable health system that promotes and protects the physical, mental and social well-being of individuals and the community. It also manages services for seniors and assists people living with disabilities to ensure they have access to the correct resources, investigates reports of abuse and monitors long-term care homes.

Meet Bermuda’s Minister of Health, The Hon. Kim N. Wilson, JP, MP

What do they do?

The Ministry is always striving towards:

  • A healthcare system which is accessible, affordable and effective
  • Protection of the community from public health threats
  • Providing the public with information that leads to  healthier lives
  • Following best practices internationally and international conventions

Who are we?

The Ministry consists of the following departments or services:



Ageing and Disability Services

In November 2020 Ageing and Disability Services was moved to the Ministry of Social Development and Sport.

  • Case management
  • Registration and inspections of rest homes and nursing homes
  • Investigates reports of senior abuse
  • Accessibility requirements for buildings
  • Enrichment and training programmes for persons over 18 with cognitive, development and physical disabilities.

Department of Health

  • Health Centres (maternal health, sexual health, oral health, child health, travel health etc.)
  • School-based health services (screenings, therapies and health education)
  • Home based services (e.g. community nursing, health visiting)
  • Government Nursing Homes (Lefroy Community Care Facility and Sylvia Richardson Care Facility)
  • Licensing and inspection services (e.g. occupational safety, restaurants, day care, etc.)
  • Vector Control


  • Office of the Minister of Health
  • Office of the Permanent Secretary
  • Policy development

Health Insurance Department

  • Health Insurance Plan (HIP)
  • FutureCare
  • Mutual Reinsurance Plan
  • Government Subsidies

Office of the Chief Medical Officer

  • Disease surveillance (monitoring disease occurrence)
  • Control of illness outbreaks
  • Drug Control
  • Regulation of health professionals

Additionally the Ministry provides policy direction for, and receives support from, the Bermuda Health Council and Bermuda Hospitals Board. These two Quangos have Boards that are appointed by the Minister and report to the Ministry through the Permanent Secretary.

To see our reports, legislative updates and policy projects visit our Health Library page.

The Ministry is also responsible for upholding the Government’s commitment to international treaties and conventions related to health, and international reporting requirements.