• The Department of Public transportation has advised that the DPT Kiosk at Central Terminal in Hamilton will be closed all day on Sunday, February 25th due to construction work being carried out on the building. 


  • The Ministry of Health is seeking your views on the proposed Sugar Tax and changes to the Mental Health Act. You will find the consultation documents and online feedback forms here.

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Once you’ve arrived, you still have some business to take care of. Find out what it takes to get licences and documentation and how to register for and pay taxes. Learn what types of social programmes Bermuda offers.

And down the road, see what it takes to get permanent residency in Bermuda.

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  • The Government of Bermuda’s Department of Human Resources has created a comprehensive resource guide to help introduce you to Bermuda.

  • “Government welcomes the Opposition's verbal support for The America’s Cup in the wake of threatening comments from the leader of the Bermuda Industrial Union.

  • How do I apply for a Water Right?

    Before constructing a well or borehole, you must apply for a Water Right. Only after approval by the Environmental Authority may the well or borehole be constructed.

  • On this page you will find the fees for the Department of Immigration's permits and services. Click on a link below to go directly to the information you are looking for.


  • Changes in garbage collection schedule. 

    The Ministry of Public Works advised of once per week garbage collection. The new schedule is from Feb. 19th – Apr. 27th. 

    Garbage collection will occur as follows:

  • You can visit the main Transport Control Department (TCD) location and request a Sunday permit, or a permit to move an unlicensed vehicle. You will need to explain your situation, pay a small fee (see table below) and show valid insurance.  Your information will be recorded by TCD.

  • There are three steps to get a driver’s licence in Bermuda:

  • The following is a list of the bus routes in Bermuda.  Please select one of the links below to see the route schedule.

    Route 1: Hamilton - Grotto Bay