Government Employee Health Insurance (GEHI)

All government pensioners, employees, and their dependants are covered under the Government Employee Health Insurance (GEHI) plan.

GEHI provides you with premium health care at fair rates, and claims are processed in a timely manner.

Requirements for spouses and dependants 

For spouses and dependants of government employees and pensioners, there are the following requirements to be aware of: 

  • If an employed spouse is insured by their employer for standard hospital benefits only, they may be insured with GEHI for fringe (non-hospital) benefits; 

  • Unemployed spouses must be enrolled; 

  • A newborn baby must be added within 1 month of its date of birth. After that time, there will be a six-month waiting period before the newborn can join GEHI; 

  • Children in full-time education can have GEHI coverage up to age 26. Minor child coverage is for those in a recognized educational facility or school locally from birth to age 21. Adult child coverage is for children overseas in school up to age 26 and in local school from age 21 to 26. At the age of 26, coverage ceases. 

  • Semi-private (S.I.S) coverage is not necessary for children. The Government of Bermuda provides youth subsidy, which covers the local cost of hospital care (at the public ward level) for children under the Bermuda school leaving age and up until age 21 if the child is enrolled in full-time school in Bermuda. 

GEHI Dental Plan 

There are two levels of dental plan coverage: 

  • Basic Dental Plan 

This plan is designed to cover preventative services such as routine examinations, X-rays, fillings, root canals, cleaning and scaling, etc.  

  • Comprehensive Dental Plan 

This plan includes the benefits under the basic plan as well as major restorative services such as Inlays, Crowns, Bridges and Dentures. The Orthodontic benefits are payable for services for dependent children only. 

 describing the benefits of the GEHI Dental Plan for more information. 

The government provides all employees and pensioners with Basic Dental Plan coverage.  Those would wish to have the Comprehensive Dental Plan must pay 100% of the premium for the additional coverage. 

Spouses, unmarried children under 16 years of age, as well as students ages 16-21 are eligible to be enrolled in the GEHI Dental Plan if they are covered under the GEHI Health Plan. 

To enroll, please complete the

.  You will also need to fill in the

 and list all dependants and the state of current dental health for each dependant. 

Current Fee Schedule 

Type of Service 


General Practitioner 


Specialist (GP referral required) 

$155.00 (initial) $64.00 (follow up)  

Home Visit - GP 

$123.00 (please submit medical report)  

Home Visit - Specialist 

By Report  

Group Psychologist Therapy Sessions 

$55.00 (24 visits per fiscal year)  

Clinical Psychologist 

$93.00 (12 visits per fiscal year)  


$155.00 (initial) $96.00 (follow up) (25 visits per fiscal year)  

Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy 

$41.00 (12 visits per fiscal year, physician referral required)  

Speech Therapy 

$51.00 per one hour visit (12 visits per fiscal year, physician referral required) 


$49.00 (6 visits per fiscal year)  


$59.00 (12 visits per fiscal year)  

Diabetic/ Nutritional Counseling 

$51.00 (initial) $31.00 (follow up – 6 visits per fiscal year, physician referral required)  

Allergy Services 

$500.00 (lifetime maximum) (includes testing and treatment)  

Routine Lab/Diagnostic Testing 

$100 % of the established Fee Schedule  

Annual Gynecological Examination 

$155.00 – Specialist $55.00 – General Practitioner  

Well Baby Care 

$155.00 (initial) $64.00 (follow up)  

Annual Physical Examination 


Adding or Removing Dependants 

You can add or delete dependants from your coverage by completing the 

If you are adding a dependant, you will also need to complete the

This form to be completed by the insured on behalf of any dependent person applying to join the GEHI plan under the same policy of the insured.