• On Monday & Tuesday 26th and 27th June there will be a possible one lane closure along North Shore Road, Pembroke between Glebe Road and Band Room Lane during off-peak times, to accommodate resurfacing works.

    It should be noted that these works are weather dependent.


  • The Department of Parks advises that camping registration for the 15 May - 30 September camping season is now open. Permits can be collected at the Department of Parks, Ground Floor, Global House, 43 Church Street. Camping rate: $14 per night.

The Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office is the heart of Bermuda’s government. It provides services to Cabinet, the Premier of Bermuda, and Ministers of the Government.

What do they do?

The Cabinet Office supports Bermuda’s government by:

  • coordinating initiatives on cross-cutting issues;
  • acting as the corporate headquarters for Bermuda’s public service; and
  • providing services, advice, and guidance for other government departments and, by extension, to the wider public sector

The primary objectives of The Cabinet Office include:

  • Strengthening governance, transparency, and accountability across the public sector;
  • Delivering efficient and effective services to the Premier, Ministers, and Cabinet;
  • Providing oversight and coordination of the public service;
  • Raising the quality of service delivery across the public service;
  • Developing and improving government policies as well as providing assistance to all departments in the implementation and coordination of those policies; and
  • Leading and giving support to initiatives to modernise business systems and processes in government

The mission of the Public Service:

We are committed to providing accurate information and advice to Government to assist in the formulation of sound social and economic policies and to providing services that protect and enhance the welfare of the community. We pledge to be a motivated and accountable workforce that will deliver these services in an effective, efficient and equitable way.

What does Bermuda’s Cabinet do?

While the Cabinet Office supports government, the Cabinet of Bermuda has the supreme control of Bermuda’s government.

The Cabinet consists of the Premier and at least six other members of the legislature. The Governor appoints the majority leader in the House of Assembly as Premier, who in turn nominates the other members of Cabinet. They are assigned responsibilities for government departments and other business. The Cabinet is responsible to the legislature.

The member of the Cabinet are responsible for:

  • the supreme control of government;
  • the final determination of policies; and
  • the coordination of government departments.

These functions are vitally affected by the fact that the cabinet is a group of party representatives, depending upon majority in the support in the House of Assembly. The Cabinet meets in private and its proceedings are confidential. Its members are bound by oath not to disclose information about its proceedings. Normally, the Cabinet meets for a few hours once a week.