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Policy and Strategy

The goal of the Policy and Strategy Section is to contribute to the delivery of better policy-making across government that improves the economic, environmental and social well-being of Bermuda.

What do they do?

The main responsibilities of the Policy and Strategy Section are:

  • To improve the co-ordination of policy across Ministries to deliver the Government’s platform objectives more effectively; 
  • To assist Ministries to gain a long-term, strategic view of challenges in their policy areas;
  • To identify key cross-cutting policy challenges for Bermuda and ensure that these are addressed;
  • To undertake and oversee projects to determine policy responses to cross-cutting issues; 
  • To develop a network of Policy Analysts in Ministries to facilitate joined-up policy-making and to help bring on new talent; 
  • To draw on international best practice in policy co-ordination and strategic planning; 
  • To encourage innovation and creativity in policy making and service delivery;
  • To provide administration of the Public Access to Information regime.