What do they do?

Representing the Government of Bermuda in Washington, D.C., the mission of the office is to serve as a dynamic link that connects Bermuda with the United States and the broader international community. We are dedicated to fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships that enhance understanding, cooperation, and shared prosperity.


Our office is committed to promoting Bermuda as a premier global jurisdiction for business and innovation and as a leading center for insurance and reinsurance. By leveraging our strategic position in Washington, D.C., we engage actively with U.S. political and business leaders, advocating Bermuda's interests and exploring new opportunities for collaboration and growth.


We endeavor to represent Bermuda with integrity, innovation, and a forward-looking approach. Our goal is to ensure that Bermuda is recognized and respected as a valuable partner in the international arena, contributing to a more interconnected and prosperous world.



Our vision is to continue to promote Bermuda as a globally recognized leader in business innovation, particularly in fintech, as a hub for insurance and reinsurance, and premier tourist destination. We strive to position Bermuda not only as a key player in these sectors but also as a model of progressive governance and sustainable economic development.


We envision a future where Bermuda's unique strengths and offerings are well-understood and highly valued by international partners, especially within the United States. Our goal is to create enduring partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries, fostering a network of collaboration, mutual respect, and shared success.


Through our efforts, we aim to contribute significantly to Bermuda's economic growth and global standing, ensuring that it is synonymous with excellence, stability, and innovation. Our ultimate aspiration is to see Bermuda flourish as a vibrant, forward-thinking community that is integrated into the fabric of global economic and political discourse, setting standards for others to follow in the 21st century and beyond.

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