• The Department of Public Transportation has advised that buses travelling on Route #8 will not service Trimingham Hill today April 19th through Saturday April 21st between the hours of 8:00am and 7:00pm. Buses inbound to Hamilton and outbound will service Point Finger Road as extra lift for the Annual Agricultural Exhibition.  DPT apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause the travelling public.


  • The Transport Control Department has advised that repairs to the Bermuda Emissions Control Ltd. Southside Testing Facility have been completed and the testing of vehicles has resumed. The BECL division in St. George’s suffered storm damage in the first week of March and was closed at the time indefinitely until repairs could be undertaken. It reopened for business yesterday afternoon.


The Customs Department is responsible for collecting and protecting the revenue and for enforcing import and export prohibitions and restrictions. The Customs Department provides information on importing and exporting goods and  customs information for travelers.

What do they do?

The Customs Department monitors and controls the cross-border movement of goods and people. Customs officers work in partnership with the Bermuda Police Service in preventing and detecting smuggling and other criminal activity.  Customs officers are stationed at Bermuda’s main ports of entry:

  • St. George’s
  • L. F. Wade International Airport
  • Hamilton

Customs officers process customs declarations for all arriving passengers on ships, yachts, or aircraft and assess and collect duty and other taxes.  Customs officers also look for and seize illegal weapons, drugs and other contraband.