Clearing Customs at the Airport

After passing through Immigration (passport screening), you should proceed to the baggage retrieval area. Once you have collected your baggage and paid duty (if required), choose either the red channel (goods to declare) or the green channel (nothing to declare).

Duty free goods and goods to be declared

If you are not carrying more than the permitted duty free allowances, please use the green channel when passing through customs. You do not need to complete a 

Use the green channel if you do not have:

If you have more than the permitted duty free allowances with you, please use the red channel when passing through customs and declare the goods. You must complete a CTD which will be given to you prior to arriving in Bermuda.  Your CTD must be completed in accordance with the

instructions (171.95 KB)


Use the red channel if you have with you:

  • goods that exceed your duty free allowances;
  • goods that qualify for


  • goods for business use;
  • prohibited or restricted goods; or
  • more than BDA $10,000 (or equivalent) in cash or negotiable instruments.

Give your completed CTD to a customs officer along with any sales receipts for purchases and your duty payment receipt.

Please note that goods intended for business or other commercial purposes must be declared regardless of their value on a Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD). This also applies to goods subject to prohibitions or restrictions (e.g. narcotics, weapons, ammunition and protected plant and animal species, parts thereof or goods produced using such species.)

Customs officers may check travellers in the green exit from time to time. You may be subject to monetary penalties as well as seizure of your property or cash if you fail to declare your goods properly.

If you are unsure about what you need to declare, go to the customs enquiries desk in the red channel.