Claim a refund from Customs

If you have been informed you can claim a refund, you have two options to take advantage of the refund due to you.

The following options are available:

  • Account Credit: If you are a frequent importer of dutiable goods into Bermuda, then you may elect to use the Account Credit option resulting from the review decision to pay duty on future imports rather than have the funds returned to you.

An Account Credit may be utilized immediately, whereas a return of funds may take up to one month to be processed and received by you. It is not permissible to use the credit to pay duty arising from importations of goods which have been declared on a 

  • Direct, electronic, bank-to-bank transfer of funds: If you are a casual importer or seldom import dutiable goods into Bermuda, then you may choose to have the funds returned directly to your bank account.

To exercise either of these options, please advise the Financial Controller of the Customs Department of your request in writing. If you use more than one account, please specify to which account the credit should be applied.

Include the following documentation / information with your advice:

  • a completed new or changed address book form;
  • a sanitized document issued by your bank (for example, a bank statement with account balances and transactional details excluded or obscured)  which displays:
    • the name of the bank;
    • the account number;
    • the account name;
    • the denominating currency of the bank account;
    • whether the account is a savings or a chequing account.

Please allow up to one calendar month after your application to receive the funds into your bank account.

Change Address Form (136.94 KB)