Exemption from duty when moving to Bermuda

Returning residents and non-residents may be entitled to duty relief on their used personal and household goods under special circumstances.

If you are a returning resident, you will need proof that you have been living overseas for more than one year.

If you are a first-time resident, you will need proof that you have permission to live in Bermuda (work permit, spousal letter etc.)

Both returning residents and first- time residents will need proof that the goods are older than six months if claiming relief.

If your goods arrive with you at the airport, please tick the appropriate box on your Customs Travellers Declaration.

If you are shipping your goods from overseas and claiming relief, you will need a copy of your Transfer of Residence Certificate.

You must ask a customs officer for this certificate at the airport, when you arrive to take up residence.  There is no fee for the certificate. This certificate is processed immediately.

If you are uncertain, please ask an officer for assistance as there are severe penalties for false declarations.