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Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD)

The Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD) is the principal form of entry for imports and exports of goods to and from Bermuda.

The BCD is a single administrative document. That means that the BCD is the appropriate form of entry for use by commercial and non-commercial importers to declare all types of goods no matter what the customs procedure (i.e. import, export, bond, transfer in bond, exemptions, concessions, etc.).

If you have to make a BCD, you should review the Bermuda Customs Declaration Guidelines.

There are different types of BCDs depending on the type of import or export.  There are guidelines that you should review depending on the type. 

These guidelines include:

  • Imports Guidelines - If you are importing goods directly to free circulation in Bermuda;
  • Pro Formas Guidelines - If you are moving goods from a port of entry to a local inland clearance warehouse, a bonded warehouse or a Queen’s warehouse;
  • Deposits Guidelines - If at the time of importation of your goods you do not have sufficient information regarding your goods to make a BCD;
  • Adjustments Guideline - If you have declared goods using a Deposit BCD or a Temporary Importation BCD;
  • Temporary Importation Guidelines – If you have declared goods using a Deposit BCD or a Temporary Importation BCD to temporarily import goods into Bermuda;
  • BCD Exports Guidelines - If you are exporting goods from Bermuda.