What do they do?

The Registrar of Companies is responsible for tracking, processing, and administering all limited liability companies, including: 

  • local companies 
  • foreign sales corporations  
  • exempted companies  
  • overseas companies 
  • company name reservation 
  • company fees 
  • insolvency 
  • real estate 
  • stock exchanges 

How to request information on registered entities in Bermuda

All information on entities registered with the Registrar of Companies can be accessed by logging onto www.registrarofcompanies.gov.bm, setting up a user account and paying a fee.

Information available generally includes:

  • The entity’s registered office address, memorandum of association (for companies)/certificate of formation (for partnerships and LLCs) and date of incorporation
  • Information on mortgage charges
  • Previous company names

How to file a document or request a certificate on an registered entity

All entity filings or certificate requests must be made by logging onto  www.registrarofcompanies.gov.bm, setting up a user account and paying a fee.

How to set up a user account

Learn to set up your user account with the Registrar of Companies by watching this instruction video:  Registrar of Companies - Bermuda - YouTubewww.registrarofcompanies.gov.bm.

If you have questions, please contact the Registrar of Companies at rochelpcenter@gov.bm.