Applying for a Real Estate Broker and Agent Licence

The Real Estate Brokers’ Licensing Act 2017 (the “Act”) came into operation on 2 October 2017. 

The Act replaces the Real Estate Agents’ Licensing Act 1976.  The Act modernizes the operation and supervision of the real estate industry by the Superintendent of Real Estate, in accordance with international standards.

The receipt of real estate licence applications will commence on 1 July each year. 


  • over the age of 18
  • Bermudian, or has permission from the Minister responsible for Immigration to work in Bermuda as a real estate broker or agent
  • of good character

Requirements to apply for a licence 

You must supply the following information:

  • A completed Real Estate Licence Application Form (for all applicants)
  • Bermuda Police Service criminal background check letter (all applicants)
  • Required fee(s) (for all applicants)
  • Proof of Bermudian status - copy of passport (as applicable)
  • Proof of immigration approval to work (spousal letter, permanent resident certificate) (as applicable)
  • Marriage certificate when there has been a change of name (as applicable)
  • Real estate examination pass results (70% pass) (for new applicants)
  • GoAML registration email confirmation issued by the Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA) (for Brokers)
  • Broker Annual Statistical Return – due 15 March each year (for Brokers)
  • AML Independent Audit (for Brokers)
  •  (for Brokers)

  • File

     (for Brokers)

  • Annual Financial Auditor Report – due within 6 months of a business year-end (for Brokers)

  • List of Directors, as applicable (for Brokers)

How to Apply

Follow the How to Apply for a Real Estate Licence Guide attached to the application forms below. Fees must be paid at the time of application submission.  


Annual broker’s licence $705*  

Annual agent’s licence $120*

* Payments can be made by cash, cheque or wire transfer (see below for wire transfer details)

Wire Transfer Payment Instructions:


This Bank Information spreadsheet together with the bank wire transfer payment confirmation must be emailed to both and

Additional Information 

  • The bank accounts are for the deposits pertaining to payments made to the Registrar of Companies and are not intended for transactions with other government departments. There will be delays in allocating funds not intended for the Registrar of Companies and the department will not be held responsible for any penalties incurred.  
  • Include the broker and/or agent registration number in the bank reference field.
  • All bank fees are borne by the sender. Any shortages in fees will reflect as an underpayment and will generate a penalty, if applicable. Companies will be deemed to be non-compliant until the difference is paid in full. Contact HSBC for transaction fees.
  • Licence fees are deemed to have been received when the transaction appears on the Bermuda Government account- not on the date the funds were submitted. This must be taken into consideration when sending funds from other countries and other local banks that may require a longer period of time to process the funds. Contact HSBC for processing times.

Consolidated National Risk Assessment Report

Through the leadership of NAMLC, Bermuda conducted a national risk assessment in 2016, to identify the terrorist financing risks that affect Bermuda. In 2017, NAMLC conducted another national risk assessment to identify Bermuda’s money laundering risks. This was an update on the first money laundering national risk assessment that was done in 2013. A consolidated report on the findings of the 2016 and 2017 risk assessments has been published. 

This summary report of Bermuda’s 2020 Terrorist Financing National Risk Assessment (TF NRA) provides highlights of the analysis and the underlying rationale, while also providing key information on the methodology used for the identification and analysis of TF risk factors.