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The Draft City of Hamilton Plan 2024

Mr. Speaker, today I am pleased to announce the release of the Draft City of Hamilton Plan 2024 (“the Draft Plan”), which has been prepared by the Department of Planning (“the…


Tips and Other Gratuities Policy Statement Template, Pursuant to the Employment (Protection of Employee Tips and Other Gratuities) Amendment Act 2023

Good morning, Mr Speaker.  I am pleased to introduce in the Honourable House today a Template Tips and Other Gratuities Policy Statement pursuant to the Employment (Protection of…


Update on Road Paving and Equipment

Mr. Speaker, in keeping with prior commitments made by myself to keep the public informed, I rise, again, in this Honourable House today to address the state of our national…


Update on Fisheries

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to update this Honourable House on the work being undertaken on the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme. Mr. Speaker, Initiated in June 2019 the Bermuda…


Caricom - An Update

Mr Speaker, it will no doubt be recalled by this Honourable House and the public that in the 2023 Speech from the Throne, the Government set out the following undertaking: "..the…

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