Export wood products

Contact the Department of Agriculture in the country into which you wish to import wood products to obtain their importation requirements. The import conditions and documentation required varies from country to country.  You may be required to provide a Phytosanitary Certificate for your shipment.

Alternate off-site inspection arrangements can be made for of large shipments of wood e.g. in containers.

Useful contacts:

USDA –APHIS: 1 (441) 293-0353

DEFRA: +44 20 7238 6951 or defra.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk

Caribbean: Contact the Department of Agriculture in the exporting country as different countries have different importation requirements.

How do I obtain a Phytosanitary Certificate?

  • The following must be provided to the PPL at the DENR for processing no less than three days prior to travel:
    •  A completed application form 
    • The wood items for export and, where appropriate, the travel container in which they will be stored.
    • Import permits from the country of import where relevant.
    • Certificates of treatment (fumigation or heat treatment) issued by a service provider authorised to perform these services.
    • CITES documentation where relevant
  • Once inspected the wood items will be sealed inside the storage container with inspection tape.   The container and the tape must not be tampered with once sealed.   Ensure the container is sturdy enough for transport to ensure the safety of your item.   Shipping containers must be new or well -cleaned as soil and other quarantine pests will not be permitted.
  • A phytosanitary certificate will be provided in triplicate to you.


  • Certificate to Export plant material - $35
  • Certificate to Export plant material (same day service)- $50