What do they do?

The Department of Sport and Recreation focuses their support on:

  • Programs and activities that support high performance athletes, junior development initiatives and recreational activities.
  • Facilitating the delivery of services via national sport and recreation organizations, clubs and other mechanisms.
  • Ensuring that programs, activities and facilities are accessible to all.

To advance amateur sport, recreation, and youth development for all Bermudians—from leisure activity to athletic excellence—the Department of Youth, Sport, and Recreation:

  • Runs community centres around Bermuda to engage youth in recreational programmes;
  • Runs afterschool programmes with sports and recreational activities for young people;
  • Manages the national sport governing bodies in Bermuda;
  • Operates Bermuda’s sporting facilities;
  • Hosts day camps and summer camps for youth; 
  • Provides grants specifically to young people or to organizations working with youth; and
  • Implements the National Youth Policy and oversees its Working Group.