Get a Standard Work Permit

A Standard Work Permit allows all organisations in Bermuda to employ foreign nationals, provided that they can demonstrate that a Bermudian, Spouse of a Bermudian or PRC holder was not suitably qualified or available to be hired.

Employers may apply for Standard Work Permits of one, two, three, four or five years.


Employers are permitted to apply for Standard Work Permits for jobs that are in the open, special or restricted category.

Applications for Standard Work Permits are not allowed for closed category jobs.  For closed category jobs, employers must hire Bermudians, Spouses of Bermudians or PRC holders.

Learn about the different job categories.


Employers must demonstrate that they have made a bona fide attempt to recruit a suitably qualified Bermudian, Spouse of a Bermudian or PRC holder.

All employers applying for Standard Work Permits must:

  • advertise the position as specified in the

    ; and

  • properly consider all those Bermudian, Spouse of Bermudian and PRC holder applicants that meet the minimum standards using reasonable selection practices such as interviews and testing.

For jobs in the restricted category, in addition to the above, the employer must also:

  • apply for a maximum term of year; and
  • submit evidence that any candidates screened and recommended by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) have been properly considered. DWD is expected to respond to enquiries by employers within 10 working days. Should no response be forthcoming from DWD the application may be submitted with written evidence that enquiries were made.

For jobs in the special category, the employer must also:


One-year standard work permit


Two-year standard work permit


Three-year standard work permit


Four-year standard work permit     


Five-year standard work permit


How to Apply

To apply for a Standard Work Permit, employers must complete the Standard Work Permit Application Form.

Employers submitting more than one application for one category of employment must submit a copy of the advertisement for each application. All Bermudians, Spouses of Bermudians or PRC holder applicants that meet the minimum requirements must be given an opportunity to be interviewed.