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Apply for a Letter of Permission

A Letter of Permission may be granted to a not-for-profit organisation, a registered charity, or religious institution such as  a coach or teacher of sports, clergy, a speaker or a musician or entertainer – whether they are being remunerated or not.

Such a person is given permission to stay for 30 days at the time the application is made.  After landing, a Visitor's Extension may be granted (after applying and paying the required fee) as long as the total stay does not exceed 60 days.  If staying longer than 60 days is required, a work permit should be applied for.

In cases where a group is landed for the same purpose (e.g. an orchestra or choir or sports team), the Letter of Permission fee is payable for each member. However this fee is capped at five persons (see fees below).


You will need to submit the following information:

  • Letter of Permission Application Form (emergency requests must include a letter of justification)
  • Proof of Citizenship (passport)
  • Required fees
  • Proof of multi-entry Visa/Permanent Resident Card issued by USA, Canada or UK
  • Payment of government taxes and employee benefits
  • Certificate of Incorporation and company profile (new companies only)

You will also need to supply a supplementary sheet with additional information that includes:

  • Company name and contact information (dated and signed)
  • Name, date of birth and nationality of applicant
  • Reason for request
  • Details on efforts to employ local resources and why local resources were not selected

You will also need to fill in and sign a disclosure and declaration form which is included in the application to download.

If the letter of permission is for musicians/entertainers, you must also supply event and group details.


A letter of permission: $104
The Minister may grant such permission for a period of time specified in the letter not exceeding one year to not-for-profit organisations, including registered charitable organisations, for the employment of coaches, teachers of sports and recreation, clergy, speakers and musicians)  
For applications submitted for six or more persons, the group fee: $520