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Get an Application for Residence

There are many different types of residence you can apply for.  These types include:

  • Permission to reside and seek employment (includes seeking alternate employment)
  • Permission to reside and attend college/school
  • Dependant re-entry letter
  • Permission to reside on an annual basis
  • Permission to seek employment (residents only)
  • Renewal of permission to reside
  • Residential certificate holder
  • Spouse of Bermudian or Permanent Resident Certificate holder letter


To apply, you can be a new applicant, or have a specific Bermuda connection, or you can have one of the following (please attach copies of indicated items):

  • an expiring or expired residential permission
  • a short-term work permit
  • an Entry/re-entry document or written permission from the Minister to reside in Bermuda.


You must supply the following information:

  • Completed Application for Residence Form
  • Police certificate
  • Medical clearance (required for first-time residents)
  • Employment references
  • Character references
  • Qualifications
  • Required fee(s)
  • Passport size photos
  • Proof of Citizenship (passport)
  • Proof of Multi-entry Visa/Permanent Resident Card issued by USA, Canada or UK
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Partner information (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate
  • Resume for applicant
  • Specific Bermuda connection (if applicable)
  • Financial support information (if applicant is seeking permission to reside including a sponsored dependent)


Permission to reside in Bermuda up to one year: $161
Duplicate confirmation of spouse’s rights: $33