Get a Landing Permit

Landing permits are issued to assist work permit holders who have a need to travel during the period of time when a new work permit is being processed.

A landing permit provides proof that the work permit holder has a right of residence in Bermuda, and allows the work permit holder to be appropriately landed upon return to Bermuda. In all cases, although the application has been submitted, there is no decision on the work permit at the time of travel.

When to apply for a landing permit

A landing permit can only be issued when a new work permit is submitted. The application for a landing permit must be complete and submitted no less than one month - and no more than three months - prior to the expiration of the current work permit.

If the application is incomplete or is submitted late (less than one month before expiry), then a landing permit cannot be applied for or issued, unless the appropriate appeal has been lodged and fees have been paid.

If the new work permit is submitted after expiry of the current work permit, and a landing permit application is submitted at the same time as the new work permit application, the employer will be immediately contacted by the Department of Immigration to advise that the landing permit will not be considered and that a full refund (for the landing permit) will be processed in due course.

Work permit holders whose work permit falls to this scenario, will, upon return to Bermuda, be subjected to landing parameters as listed in Appendix II of the Work Permit Policies.  If however, the employer successfully appeals to the Minister to allow the employee to continue working during the consideration of the work permit application, a landing permit will be issued.  It is therefore important that appeals are lodged at the same time as the new work permit application.


Download and complete the Landing Permit Application Form.  You will need to supply:

  • Name of company/employer
  • Name and nationality of work permit holder/dependant
  • Travel dates


For each member of the crew joining or leaving a yacht in Bermuda: $35.00
For any other person: $60.00
If you land in Bermuda at any point of entry without sufficient travel, work permit or re-entry documents: $240.00