Get a Short Term Work Permit

The Short Term Work Permit may be used by all employers, including not-for-profit organisations, registered charities and religious institutions (unless they have a letter of permission or a Periodic Work Permit), to employ an individual to work for periods of up to six months.

There are various types of work permits depending on the type of work and the length of time the person will be working in Bermuda.


  • Applications will be accepted for terms of up to three, four, five or six months.
  • At the end of the term of the Short Term Work Permit, the holder must leave Bermuda, unless the employer applies for an extension within the proper processing period.
  • Short Term Work Permit holders will not normally be granted permission to reside and seek employment.


Short Term Work Permits will be granted to individuals to perform any type of work but the employer must first advertise the position.

An automatic exemption from the advertising requirement is granted for Short Term Work Permit Applications where the purpose of the application is to:

  • extend, for up to six months, an existing Short Term Work Permit of a person who is leaving Bermuda after the expiry of the Short Term Work Permit; or
  • utilise the services of someone employed by a Bermuda company’s overseas subsidiary, affiliate organisation, or parent company; or
  • deploy a service provider or consultant in a specialised field; or
  • hire a specialised technician for the purpose of maintaining equipment under contract; providing repairs to pipe organs; installing an upgrade of the business’ computer software; servicing inter-company communications networks; or
  • provide services or entertainment to a private wedding function;
  • employ featured act entertainers for a public event performing for a single period of 14 days or less or an entertainer(s) for a convention/conference; or
  • utilise someone for a non-profit organisation, a registered charity or a religious institution, such as a coach or teacher of sports, clergy, a speaker or a musician or entertainer for a period greater than 60 days; or
  • land sports professionals or a professional team who is participating in an event for a single period of 14 days or less; or
  • employ a locum tenens minister of religion or physician; or
  • provide short-term in-house training offered by the Bermuda Employers’ Council, Bermuda College, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce or other recognised training bodies or institutes.

Short Term Work Permit applications for those persons for whom a Standard Work Permit application will be submitted within 45 days, but whom the employer wishes to have employed immediately, must include the advertisement which was published for the Standard Work Permit application together with an explanation of the Bermudian, Spouse of Bermudian or PRC holder applications, if any, were not qualified and suitable for the role.

The application must also include the reason that the Standard Work Permit application could not be submitted earlier.

Applications for Short Term Work Permits for those individuals from jurisdictions identified as high risk for tuberculosis (TB), or who have ever resided in such a jurisdiction for a period of three months or more must provide a chest x-ray and a letter from a certified physician confirming they pose no health risk and are free from TB.


Short term permit – up to 3 months


Short term permit – 4 months


Short term permit – 5 months


Short term permit – 6 months


Emergency permit: this fee is in addition to the short term application fee. Where applications are submitted for more than one expedited short term permit, the additional fee of $605 will not exceed $3,025, provided all applications are submitted at the same time by the same applicant.


What if you want an employee to stay longer?

Employers that obtain a Short Term Work Permit may apply for a new Short Term Work Permit for the same individual if they wish them to stay longer (this does not apply in cases where the employer subsequently applies for a Standard Work Permit). However, the job must be re-advertised (unless automatically exempted). The individuals will not need to leave Bermuda on extension applications.

How to apply

Employers must complete the Short Term Application Form.