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Get a Global Entrepreneur Work Permit

The Global Entrepreneur Work Permit may be issued for a one year period to work and reside in Bermuda in respect to an exempted company or section 114B start-ups.

Work activities may include:

  • business planning;
  • seeking appropriate Government or regulatory approval(s);
    meeting compliance;
  • financial requirements;
  • raising capital.


Global Entrepreneur Work Permit – One Year:


How to apply

To apply for a Global Entrepreneur Work Permit, a letter of application must be sent to the Department of Immigration justifying the request, along with a letter from a Bermudian or Bermuda business services company verifying the intent of the applicant and a completed form.

The Minister will grant a permit provided he is satisfied that the applicant is a bona fide investor or business person that is likely to domicile a company in Bermuda.