What do they do?

The Department of Financial Assistance assesses Bermudians who may be in need of a financial award to meet a minimum standard of living.  The Department evaluates required documents/ information in order to determine eligibility for an award that is within the legislative guidelines.  

Eligible recipients now face a time limit for assistance. Individuals must engage in work activities to lessen the need for support overtime. Applicants must also be open to volunteering or participating in approved education and employment preparation programs whilst in search for long-term opportunities.

The Department of Financial Assistance also offers groups or individual counselling to help Bermudians better manage their personal finances. These services include money management and life skills groups to assist you with budgeting to gain control of your finances. 

If you know anyone who is using this service inappropriately or fraudulently, please let us know by contacting the Anonymous hotline at (441) 297-STOP (7867).