Apply for legal aid

If you want to apply for legal aid, you will need to tell the Government of Bermuda the reason when you are applying to make sure it is covered under the Legal Aid Act 1980.

Required information

The following information will need to be submitted along with your completed application to the Legal Aid Office:

1. Financial details of all household members

  • Pay stubs
  • Child support (whether paid or received)
  • Financial Assistance statements
  • Pension/disability benefits
  • Rent received (if you are a landlord)
  • Rent paid if you rent
  • Mortgage paid if you are a home owner

2. Capital

  • Bank statements (local and overseas)
  • Insurance statement of any vehicles you own
  • Land tax statement (if you are a property owner)
  • Land valuation (if you own land whether local or overseas
  • Boat valuation
  • Time share value
  • Investment accounts
  • Value of jewelry, antiques  or any other collectibles 

3. Allowances (applicant only)

  • Monthly rent/mortgage payments (if you are not paying a monthly rent but you contribute to the household finances, this should be submitted)
  • School tuition / child support payments (if you are supporting a child that is not a member of the household)
  • Name and age of any dependents under the age of 21 (if they are members of your household who are financially dependent on you)

4. Other relevant supporting documents

  • Information sheet for criminal matters
  • Marriage certificate for divorces
  • Any other relevant court orders or documents


When your application and all supporting documents are returned to the Legal Aid Office, the application will be sworn by one of the in-house counsel.  The application will then be assessed and submitted to the Legal Aid Committee for a decision. 

Once you have been granted Legal Aid approval, you may be required to pay a one-time contribution. This can range from $150- $750 based on either your level of total income or disposable capital.

Anyone who knowingly provides false information in respect of an application for Legal Aid is committing an offence under the Legal Aid Act 1980 and can be punished on summary of conviction to a term of imprisonment for six months or a fine of $1,500.00.

If granted Legal Aid, do I still have to pay anything to my lawyer?

Once you are granted a Legal Aid certificate, no lawyer acting on behalf of the assisted person is required to take or seek any funding.  However, if you have obtained legal representation for any court proceedings or consultation work prior to being granted a Legal Aid certificate, then you are required to cover those expenses.

Does Legal Aid have the right to make inquiries related to my application?

During the application process, the Legal Aid Office may be required to seek relevant information from other Government departments or outside sources if the information has not been provided, or is unclear in order to give a proper and fair assessment of your request.

How to apply

Download and complete the application below and bring it to the Legal Aid Office, 20 Victoria Street in Hamilton. You will be asked questions about your household based on the last 12 months.  

Business hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Closed for lunch: 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.