About Us

The Department of Culture offers a robust series of programmes and events designed to promote and celebrate Bermudian creativity, identity and national pride. The Department also provides support for Bermuda’s artists, artisans, tradition-bearers, community groups, researchers, writers and heritage organisations through collaboration, cultural curatorship and the awarding of grants. See the Department of Culture's website and Bermuda’s Creative Catalogue!

What do they do?

The Department of Culture celebrates Bermuda’s culture by:

  • organising annual national festivals and holiday events, seniors programmes, concerts, and heritage tours and talks;
  • producing television programmes and full-length documentaries on aspects of Bermuda’s heritage;
  • supporting cultural research and the literary arts through workshops and publications;
  • providing opportunities for artistic and cultural development through grants, awards, artist-in-residence programmes and apprenticeships;
  • creating a collection of oral histories and cultural materials; and
  • offering recreational, social, and academic courses for people of all ages to promote life-long learning.

You can also communicate with the Department of Culture through their contact form.


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