Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs ensures that “unfair business practices” and “unconscionable acts” are not prevalent in everyday consumer business transactions and regulates all rent controlled residential properties in Bermuda.

Consumer Affairs informs residents and businesses about product alerts and recall information or for general information about being a smart consumer in Bermuda.

What do they do?

Consumer Affairs is responsible for:

  • product recalls
  • consumer market research
  • assessing applications for rent increases
  • advising landlords and tenants on tenancy issues
  • mediating disputes between parties upon request
  • deal with complaints about a business
  • provide information to help you before you buy
  • refer you to other services for assistance

In addition, Consumer Affairs oversees the regulations for all rental controlled properties in Bermuda. Any issues related to tenants and landlords should be directed to the Consumer Affairs Rent Commission, including:

  • rent and rental deposit increases;
  • eviction;
  • the general rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords.

Consumer Affairs does not:

  • provide legal advice or act as a legal representative on your behalf
  • pursue complaints that are unjustified based on law
  • divulge specific information about whether there has been a complaint against a trader

Read the Ministry of Home Affairs' PATI Information Statement.

How can I contact Consumer Affairs with general inquiries?


Consumer Affairs (441) 297-7627

Rent Commission (441) 297-7700

Fax: (441) 297-7640

By mail:

D. Rego Building, 3rd Floor

75 Reid Street

Hamilton HM 12


By E-mail:

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