The Ministry of Home Affairs makes sure Bermuda’s government is efficient and streamlined to facilitate growth and business development. It is responsible for all government boards, committees, councils, and tribunals in areas of labour and copyright.

Meet Bermuda’s Minister of Home Affairs, The Hon. Walter H. Roban, JP, MP

What do they do?

The Ministry has the following departments:

In addition to these departments, the Ministry is responsible for:

Boards and Committees

As of December 2023, the Ministry oversees the following boards, committees, councils and tribunals: 

Statutory Government Boards

  • Board of Agriculture
  • Broadcasting Commission
  • Charity Commissioners
  • Commercial Fisheries Council
  • Copyright Tribunal
  • Dog Tribunal
  • Environmental Authority
  • Historic Wrecks Authority
  • Marine Resources Board
  • Parish Councils
  • Professional Surveyors Registration Council
  • Regulatory Authority Board
  • Scientific Authority for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
  • Telecommunications Commission
  • Veterinary Practitioners Council

Non-Statutory Government Boards

  • Canine Advisory Council