Land Title and Registration

About Us

The Land Title and Registration Office (LTRO) is the governing authority responsible for registering land and property ownership in Bermuda.

The office was established in 2006 to introduce land registration to Bermuda and incorporate international best practice.   The work that we do is required under the Land Title Registration Act 2011 (LTRA 2011), Land Title Registration Amended Act 2017 (LTRA 2017), Land Title Registration Recording & Documents Act 2017 (LTRRDA 2017) and the Land Registration Rules 2018 (LTRR 2018).

What do they do?

It is our duty to record any legal right or interest which, affect parcels of land and to provide an up-to-date report of the evidence of land ownership. 

Individuals, businesses or organisations who become land owners or own interests in land must apply to the LTRO to:

  1. Register unregistered land
  2. Register a new owner of a registered property following a sale
  3. Register an interest affecting registered land, such as a mortgage, lease or a right of way

Our Responsibilities

  • Provide an accurate, accessible and comprehensive record about land and property ownership and any interests affecting land
  • Provide land owners with a land title certificate /registered title

"Guarantee Ownership, Simplify Transactions"


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