Ministry of Health and Seniors advises there are several suspected cases of Zika virus in Bermuda

The Ministry of Health and Seniors does not discuss the specifics of individual cases, but can confirm that there are several people who recently returned from overseas who are suspected of having Zika virus. Given that we have a population that travels frequently, this will occur from time to time.  

Vector Control’s team is always checking properties to control mosquitoes in order to reduce the risk of onward transmission through mosquito bites. To protect oneself against any mosquito-borne illness, the public is reminded to:

$aver the flavour: A wellness initiative to make healthy foods affordable

Ministerial statement by: The Honourable Jeanne J. Atherden, CA, PCA, JP, MP

Mr Speaker and Honourable Members,

It brings me great pleasure and pride to advise this Honourable House of my Ministry’s latest wellness initiative. This one is particularly dear to me because its purpose is to help anyone on a tight budget to be able to have a healthy, nutritious diet.

Annual Retired Nurses Tea

The Department of Health recently supported their retired Nurses by hosting their annual Nurses Tea at the Pavilion at the National Sports Center, which the Minister of Health, Seniors and Environment, Jeanne Atherden attended.

The Department has a total of 35 nurses  on their list of invitees who have retired from the government Community Health Nursing services, Lefroy House or Sylvia Richardson.

Influenza Update 14 April, 2016

The Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (ESU) of the Ministry of Health, Seniors and Environment wishes to offer an update on the island’s influenza patterns.  As previously, reported, the levels of respiratory infections on island exceeds usual levels for this time of year.

Although the overall number of reported influenza cases has decreased in the past week, reports of fever and respiratory symptoms continue to increase.

Minister Jeanne Atherden Remarks: World Health Day

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.

As the Minister of Health, Seniors and Environment I am very pleased to be here today as we celebrate World Health Day.

In preparing for my remarks I was reminded that one of the objectives of celebrating World Health Day annually was “To motivate the worldwide health authorities to make their own efforts in creating the healthy environments in their country”.  I reflected on whether we were achieving this here in Bermuda.

I listed among our ongoing efforts –