Vaccine Preventable Diseases


The Minister of Health

The Hon. Kim Wilson, JP, MP,

Protecting Bermuda from Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Thursday, 24 January, 2019



Good morning and thank you for joining us.

Today, I would like to discuss vaccine preventable diseases, and the importance of getting vaccinated, particularly in the setting of the current active flu season.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Remarks: The Hon. Kim Wilson, JP, MP

Lady Ganga Screening

Remarks by the Minister of Health, the Hon. Kim Wilson, JP, MP, at the screening of the award-winning film Lady Ganga: Nilza’s Story. Lady Ganga: Nilza’s Story is a free 18-minute short film about how two women’s lives — a world apart — intersected because of HPV, the virus that is linked to cervical cancer. Nilza is a mother who lives in the mountains of India. Michele Frazier Baldwin was a mother of three from the U.S. who died as a result of cervical cancer.

Good evening.

Public Health Rumors

The Ministries of Education and Health are aware of a rumor that is currently circulating regarding a number of students at the Berkeley Institute being tested for a sexually transmitted infections (STI), specifically HIV.

The Minister of Education, the Hon. DR JP, MP said, “This rumor is not true and is being addressed by the school with students, parents and staff.”

Take the Lead with flu shot

Minister of Health, The Hon. Kim N. Wilson JP, MP

The Department of Health wishes to remind the public of the importance of having a flu shot this season. 

The Minister of Health, the Hon. Kim Wilson, JP MP along with the Head of Public Service, Dr. Derrick Binns, the Permanent Secretary for Health, Dr. Jennifer Attride-Stirling and Ministry of Health staff received flu shots as part of the Ministry of Health’s “Take the Lead” initiative, which allows the Ministry of Health staff to take the lead in ensuring its healthcare workforce is protected against the flu to prevent spread to patients and minimize sick leave.

Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) Graduation

The Department of Health held a graduation ceremony for participants who completed the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP).

The Department of Health has supported the training and licensure of two Corporate Facilitators of The Complete Health Improvement Program also known as CHIP.  

This program is a corporate based program where participants can achieve lasting behaviour change to apply their new learning in “real life” environments of their workplace and homes.

Day Care

Minister of Health, The Hon. Kim N. Wilson JP, MP

Thank you for coming today to allow me to provide an update on the actions the Ministry has taken to date to ensure the safety and security of our children in care settings.

As the Ministry responsible for administering the licensing and registration process for Day Care Centres and Day Care Providers in home settings, we are acutely aware of the need for quality care and the history of concerns.