What do they do?

The EDD facilitates the exploration of innovative trends and the subsequent development of appropriate policies and frameworks in support of Bermuda’s economic development and diversification goals. The EDD also provides a wide range of services, education and training to drive economic diversification and growth and to promote Bermuda as the optimal jurisdiction for business across various industries.

Alien Land Licensing

The Alien Land Licence Programme was established to protect land in Bermuda for ownership of persons who possess Bermudian status by –

(a) requiring restricted persons to have licences to hold or acquire land in Bermuda and preventing them from appropriating it;
(b) requiring trustees to have licences to hold or acquire land in Bermuda  for the benefit of restricted persons and preventing them from appropriating it; and
(c) preventing corporations from acquiring or holding land in Bermuda, unless they do so in accordance with Legislation.

Business Services Division

The Business Services Division solidifies relationships with inbound interest as guided by the Economic Recovery Plan. It is also responsible for both the Incentives for Job Makers and the Alien Land Licensing Processes.

Communications, Education and Compliance

The CEC section works to develop a sustained, informed, skilled, and connected talent pool for Bermuda to propel the jurisdiction as it works to consolidate its position as a global leader in tech and Fintech.

Concierge Services & Engagement Division

The CS&ED provides concierge services to Bermuda's inbound investors by streamlining and expediting government processes.

Incentives for Job Makers

Companies can obtain the Concession of having their senior executives, who are responsible for the continued presence of jobs for Bermudians in Bermuda, exempt from needing a work permit. Successful applicants will be exempt from needing a work permit and their family granted permission to reside with them.

Research & Legislative Support Division

The R&LSD assists with public and private legislative initiatives that are intended to improve product and service offerings.

The Office of FinTech

The Office of FinTech is responsible for accelerating the growth of Bermuda's FinTech ecosystem by advancing business development.

E-Commerce Advisory Board

The E-Commerce Advisory Board is a statutory Board (“ECAB”) created under Section 30 of the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (“ETA”) to advise the Minister about matters relating to e-commerce in Bermuda.  ECAB comes into effect upon publication in the Official Gazette each year and serves until the end of that calendar year.

The Standard for Electronic Transactions was appointed pursuant to  subsections 29(3) and 29(5) of the ETA.

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